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How to Add Lyrics to Instagram Reels: A Simple Tutorial in 2023

How to add lyrics to Instagram reels

Adding songs and lyrics to your Instagram reel videos is pretty cool, isn’t it? But while adding songs to an Instagram reels video is easy, adding lyrics can be challenging. That’s why we’ve prepared this content so you don’t have to! This content will teach you how to add lyrics to Instagram reels. And of course, we also gave a few tips.

Benefits of Adding Lyrics to Instagram Reels

Adding lyrics to your Instagram Reels can bring a lot of advantages, making your content more enjoyable for both you and your viewers. Check out these awesome benefits:

  1. Engaging Experience: By including lyrics in your Reels, you can make them more fun and captivating. People can read the lyrics while watching your video, creating a stronger connection and keeping them engaged for longer.
  2. Emotional Expression: Lyrics can help you express emotions and tell stories through your Reels.
  3. Promoting the Artists: If you’re using popular songs in your Reels, adding lyrics can help promote the music and the artists behind it.

So go ahead, get creative, and add some awesome lyrics to your Instagram Reels!

How to Add Lyrics to Instagram Reels

Adding lyrics to an Instagram reel video is pretty simple. By following the steps below, you can add lyrics to your Instagram real videos in a maximum of 5 minutes.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to Add Lyrics to Instagram Reels: Tutorial

  1. Tap on The Plus(+) Button

    First, after you open Instagram, you need to click on the plus (+) button in the submenu.Tap on the Plus icon

  2. Select the “Story”

    I know, you’re saying “I want to add lyrics to the reel video, not the story”. Don’t worry, you have to upload the lyrics first and then share it as a reels video.Tap on the "Story" option

  3. Select the Video or Image

    Select the video or image you want to add lyrics to.Select the video or image to add lyrics

  4. Tap on the Sticker Button and Select “Music”

    Press the sticker button on the top menu and select the “Music” option from the screen that opens.Select the "Music" option

  5. Select the Song You Want to Add to Your Reel Video

    You must first select a song for the lyrics you want to add to your reel video. Select the music you want and click on it and tap “Done”.Select the song to add lyrics

  6. Click on the Three Dots

    Next, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click “Save”.Save the lyrics video

  7. Enter the Instagram Reel Sharing Section

    After saving the video, come back and select “Reels”.Click on the "Reels" option

  8. Select the Video You Have Saved

    Select the video you just downloaded and click the “Add” button.select the video with lyrics

  9. Add Song

    Click the “Note” icon in the top menu and add the song again and tap “Done”.Click on the note icon

  10. Publish Your Reel Video

    And that’s all. Now your real video has a song and lyrics. All you have to do is share that beautiful video!Publish your reels video with lyrics and song

As a result of all these steps, you can add lyrics to Instagram Reels by struggling for about a few minutes.

How to Upload Instagram Reels?

Creating and uploading Reels videos from a phone and computer is quite simple. You can upload Reels videos from both computer and phone by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Instagram (app or web) and login to your account.
  2. Tap on the “Plus” icon in the bottom menu.
  3. Select the “Reels” option.
  4. Select a video/photo on your gallery or just record a new video.
  5. If you want, you can edit the image or video.
  6. Tap on the “Next” button.
  7. Write a caption and tap on the “Share” button.

As a result of these steps, you will have shared a reel video on Instagram.

Tips For Adding Lyrics to Your Reels Video

Don’t Use the 3D Lyrics

Many videos and websites use the 3D Lyrics effect to add lyrics to the Reels video. However, this effect is rarely accurate and its reliability is unknown. For this reason, if you want to add lyrics to a reel video, it would be best to do it as we explained in the article.

Use the Relevant & Popular Songs

If you want to share reels video and get high engagement, it is very important to choose a song that is popular recently and related to your content. For example; It would be wrong to upload a funny cat video and put a sad song. If you have uploaded a funny cat video, choose a funny song.

Upload Your Reel Videos on Monday

As a result of research conducted by Later.com with 200 thousand videos, the most appropriate sharing day was chosen as Monday. If you want high engagement, post your lyric reels video on Monday.


In this article, we told you how to add lyrics to Instagram reels in 5 minutes. Apart from that, we also provided information on how to upload a Reels video and tips for adding lyrics to your Reels video. We hope the information in this article was helpful to you.


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